Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is the greatest man alive. The greatest man you'll ever meet. My great grandpa Vance. He is getting kinda crazy tho. Hahaha. When I was taking this picture he was having a dream and moving his mouth and lips like he was talking... but no words ever came out. Then he just started making noises. Haha. When I gave him a hug and was talking to him he said he finally feels like he is getting old. I guess at age 94 it hits you that you are old.

This is what Swade wore from Thursday night when we left... till Friday night at the rodeo. The dirt was really starting to stick to him. And he still had to wear his boots and Carhart with his sweats. He was having so much fun running around with Vance and Nick. They basically had a free run all around the rodeo grounds. There was a skate park and a playground. So they ran all over the place.

You can kind of see the pink and brown flower that my dad bought from the little girls at the rodeo. They thought it was so funny that he would buy a flower for him and put it on his hat. Even after he left we could hear them talking about how silly this old cowboy was for wearing a bow on his hat. He probably made their whole day by sitting there and teasing them and joking with them.

This was at the motocross track. We were parked right on the front of the track next to the Ahleen's so we had front row seats to all the races. Everyone who didn't get to park up there had to sit on bleachers or in the dirt. So we really had amazing seats right at the front. You can see all the kids in the back... Swade had kids everywhere to play with and run around with. I only lost him once when mom and dad was gone. And he came runnin back and said "I was just runnin around. Im a big boy". We all had a blast. But Vance had the best time out of all of us. This is his "world" and everything he loves.
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