Saturday, January 31, 2009

Listen to the song on my blog by Faith Hill. Its called a baby changes everything. I never realized how much of my life that this little one was going to change. But in the past 5 months my life has changed more than it has in my entire 21 years of life. Life changes everyday and I cant wait till my little boy gets here so I can share the rest of my life with him. I really have put him through hell. From having bronchitis and the horrible cough for weeks and weeks to the accident a few weeks ago. He really has been through so much in his short lived life in my tummy. Anytime I get sad and depressed he will kick me and remind me how lucky I am to have him. He can feel how I feel and he doesnt like it when I am scared or sad. Its been hard to stay happy all the time and not just stay home in bed till 5:00 at night which I have done more than I want to admit to. Things have been hard and life has really thrown me some crap these past few weeks. Things are getting better though and as soon as I get to Wayne with my family things will be perfect!

Week 23

This last week has been very crazy. Things are very difficult without a truck. And I have learned that I cant rely on very many people to follow through with what they say they are going to do. I have waited for a ride multiple times to find out that no one is gonna show up. It has been hard to find a reliable ride to work everyday. And worked has officially sucked lately. Everyone feels like they have to feel my belly. Even complete and total strangers will come up and touch my belly. The worst is all the mexicans that cook at my work. Last night this guy named Jose who is 15 pulled up my shirt and touched my bare belly. It was extremely awkward and I told him that i f he did it again he was going to regret it. I guess I just have to get used to the fact that pregnant bellies are public property that everyone likes to touch. The baby has been moving a lot lately. Sometimes it hurts. Hes getting pretty big and so when he moves it really can be painful. I still have contractions. But just a few every once in a while. Hopefully nothing to worry about unless they start happening more often and more frequently. My back has been really sore and hurts a lot. Especially after work. I have a hard time sleeping and even just walking around and functioning throughout the day sometimes because it hurts so bad. Other than that I think that pregnancy has been ok. Aside from constantly gaining weight and getting fat. Everyone at my work really loves to point out how big I am getting. I guess Im kind of getting used to it. But when everyone around you is telling you how big you are getting it starts to add up.
Living at grandmas has been great. But I cant wait to get up to Wayne County for the summer. Hopefully by March if not sooner. I might miss St. George just a little bit. But I cant wait to move up there.
So heres this week on the pregnancy. Ill try to keep it updated but I dont have internet at my house still. Love you all

Fetal development in pregnancy week 23:
fetus in sixth month At this point you’ve pretty much adjusted to the fact you’ve got a moving little gymnast inside of you, but now they’re going to kick up the party a notch because they can hear and react to sounds from the outside world. Sounds from your alarm clock, a thunder roll, or that darned car honking at you across the intersection can actually jar their little ears enough to elicit a kick or violent bout of squirming. Of course this also means that their little ears are picking up the sounds of your voice and those near you. So go ahead, sing a lullaby to your little angel—if they start kicking, it’s likely they just want you to stop… or maybe it was a kick of approval? You decide. Your baby's tiny taste buds are still growing and their bones are continuing to ossify (harden), their tiny veins are visible through their translucent yet wrinkly skin. (Think of it this way: they’ve been swimming in the equivalent of a long hot bath for the past 23 weeks, so you can’t blame them for being a little prune-like.)
And how's mom doing?
If no one warned you about the joys of the pregnancy-sleep-challenge, you’ve probably already started to discover just how difficult it can be to find adequately comfortable sleeping positions. The good news is: some people actually invented pillows specifically designed to give a pregnant woman if you want to further reduce the dreaded appearance of pregnancy “cankles” (calf-ankles) try to avoid sitting for long periods of time—and for the hundredth time: don’t forget to stay active! a better chance of sleeping through the night. There are a variety of different designs, but inevitably you’ll want some sort of belly support as well as a body pillow between your legs and under your belly to relieve a bit of the discomfort you're sure to be experiencing right now. If you choose to buy the (rather spendy) pregnancy pillows they've got on the market, make sure you keep the receipt as some women still have problems sleeping and fare better with their own unique pillow collection and set-up
As if there's not enough to keep track of already, are you remembering to drink lots of fluids? Plenty of good ol’ fashioned H20 (water) can help reduce swelling in your poor ankles and feet-- resulting from the pressure your now over-sized uterus is putting on your pelvic veins, thereby slowing fluid circulation to the lower half of your body. Also, if you want to further reduce the dreaded appearance of pregnancy “cankles” (calf-ankles) try to avoid sitting for long periods of time—and for the hundredth time: don’t forget to stay active! Keeping your fluid intake up is also good for your little resident swimmer as dehydration is frequently connected with premature birthing. Yep, it’s a lot of responsibility, but you can do it! You’re almost two-thirds of the way there already! Keep up the good work mom!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Week 20....

This past week has really been crazy. I have been more aware of the little man kicking me at all hours of the day and night. Mostly at night and he keeps me awake. But I love to just sit still and feel him move around. Not especially when he kicks my bladder when I just peed 5 minutes ago.
I went to a movie a few nights ago. It was a pretty scary movie and he did NOT like it at all. He was in defense mode and my stomach was hard as a rock. Then he kept kicking and moving around a lot. I really can feel how he feels and I know he feels how I feel. Its amazing how me and this little being inside me can bond so closely. But needless to say that is the last scary movie I will see while I am pregnant. I went to the dr. on tuesday and had a very quick ultra sound. But he said that the baby looked fine. And no damage from the accident. I go back for another ultrasound on February 26. He said that he wants to measure my placenta. Im not really sure why but he said he wants to make sure that me and the baby are growing like we should be. He said that I have gained the exact amount of weight that I should be. Even though I feel like I am huge! I am at 146 lbs. But he says that is good! Its just not the 110 lbs that I am used to.
Ill keep you updated about things that are going on with the baby! I have so much to talk about and this is where I can share it with all of you. LOVE YOU ALL!

This week you're carrying about 10.5 inches and 10.5 ounces of solid baby-miracle-goodness! Their little delicates bones continue to ossify and toughen while their itsy bitsy finger and toe pads are finishing up. Your little monkey now has teeth buds, although they’re hidden beneath the gum line. And finally! Their limbs have reached their relative proportions—no more alien baby! Their cute pink lips are more defined, and might be helping out in a bit of prenatal thumb-sucking. If you have a little boy, then their tiny testes are descending, though they have not yet passed the abdominal wall. What’s more, eyelashes and eyebrows are also visible. At this point, your little one really looks like a miniature baby—and we do mean miniature as your little swimmer currently weighs a mere eighth of their final birth weight. With half the pregnancy behind you, the most significant gains are yet to come!
And how's mom doing? Not that we need to tell you, but your baby may sometimes seem like a kick-boxer in training with no appreciation for your exhausted-pregnant-momma sleep needs. Still, before you start yelling at them to calm it down in there, remind yourself that your busy baby really have no idea if you’re rolling If you have already enrolled in a Lamaze course, consider coupling it with either a swimming or yoga course (or both!) out of bed or cozying up to your partner for a good nights rest. Unfortunately for your sleep schedule, your little independent thinker will continue to operate on their own time table throughout the rest of the pregnancy. And you thought rebellious behavior only started around puberty!
Have you enrolled in a Lamaze course yet? The now-renowned courses teach various alternative birthing and breathing techniques, not to mention the oh-so-valuable lessons involved with natural pain management. (Visit for more information.) If you have already enrolled in a Lamaze course, consider coupling it with either a swimming or yoga course (or both!). Both forms of exercise focus on controlling your breathing (a large part of the Lamaze philosophy), while at the same time increasing blood flow, strength and flexibility. What’s more, many yoga studios and swimming pools cater to pregnant women (and couples) offering low impact sessions perfect for you and your partner.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week 21..... 19 more to go

Fetal development in pregnancy week 21:fetus in fifth month Your beautiful little miracle-gro baby will be putting on a full ounce and a half this week (and weighing up to 16.5 ounces), but that’s just the beginning! Within the next five weeks, they’ll really be packin’ it on! For now, we’re pleased to report the addition of rapid eye movement (REM) a key component to any healthy baby’s sleep schedule. While in the dermatology department: their thin soft skin is very red, rather translucent, and a bit wrinkled. Not to worry, it’s not a premature aging disease. It's just their clever little body setting them up with extra space that will smooth out once your little one starts packing on the baby-fat. That won’t be for a few more weeks, though. So for the time being, your munchkin is still a little lean mean growing machine! The beginnings of what is commonly called “brown fat” is just starting to fill in to help your baby retain some body heat, which is crucial as they’re not yet capable of regulating their own body temperature.
And how's mom doing? We’ve hit trimester two and you're in full-swing pregnancy mode. Most moms are feeling pretty good right about now. Funnily enough, you may already be noticing some mild uterine contractions—don’t panic, this is completely normal. Actually, your uterus contracts throughout your whole life—only now that there’s enough pressure on the uterine muscles you can feel them more distinctly when they contract.

If you’re still deciding whether or not to buy gender-specific clothing, it’s time to bite the bullet and head in for an ultrasound... unless you’re not the planning type. Now that we have the technology, it’s fairly obvious to modern couples that determining the sex early on makes it easier to plan ahead, prepare the nursery, inform the family and purchase the right colored cigars. Of course to some parents, that’s not the point. You're going to love your little one whether they've got a cheeseburger or hot dog. Really though, many couples enjoy the suspense and choose to leave the sex as a final surprise. Talk with your partner and figure out what feels right for you. Just keep in mind that once you know, you can’t turn back!

I cant believe it has been 5 months already. I still remember how my life was when I found out I was pregnant. Life has changed sooo much!! For the better! I have met the most amazing guy. You all will have to meet him. He is as excited as I am for the baby to get here. His name is Brennan Ellett and he is going to school in Cedar right now. We have been dating for the past month and a half and he is the most amazing guy I have ever met. He has helped me with choosing names. That has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But I think that we have decided on the name Shayd. Or Shayde. The pregnancy has been going great. I have an ultrasound this Tuesday and I will keep everyone posted on how that goes and any pictures that I get I will be sure to put on here.
Soon Ill post some belly pictures. Its really starting to poke out there. Luckily I can still wear most of my pants and clothes. But I am definitely needing some maternity clothes. So any donations would be greatly appreciated! Love you all!!

Ahhh this was just about the scariest night of my life. It happened on Tuesday Jan 13 around midnight. I was on my way home from Brennan's house in Cedar. I was on the free way going about 70-75 mph and there was a mini van pulling a camp trailer in front of me. They had no tail lights or hazards on and were going 35 mph. I didnt see them until it was too late. I swerved hard to the left but I was already too close. My truck spun and stopped with me facing on coming traffic. Both air bags deployed and I wasnt sure what the heck happened. There was blood all over my hand and in my mouth but it was just from a small cut on my thumb. I left the hospital with 3 stitches and that was the worst of it. I called Brennan as soon as my truck stopped spinning and I'm still not sure what our conversation was about but I told him that I had crashed and I was on I-15. He was there in about 2 min. The ambulance came along with a few 2 or 3 firetrucks and a bunch of cops. The van that I had hit knocked over two concrete barriers was in the middle of the freeway. There were no injuries to anyone in that car but there was a lady who came to the hospital to get checked to make sure everything was ok with her. In the ride over in the ambulance she told the EMT she and her husband were going 35 mph. The EMT informed her the min speed limit for the freeway is 45 and she quickly changed her answer. Ha. I dont really remember a whole lot from the night. Brennan says I have brain damage. But the baby is doing fine. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, but maybe that is why he made it through the accident. I was in shock at the scene of the accident and all I remember was screaming and crying about the baby being ok. But I spent the night at the hospital hooked up to a monitor and listened to his 142 beat per min heartbeat all night long. Brennan and Jeffy didnt leave my side the entire night. Brennan even had Jeffy and Phil come in and give me a blessing right after the accident. I go to the Dr on Tuesday and they are going to do an ultrasound to make sure that he looks ok. Over all I am lucky to be alive and still have little Shayd kickin inside. The impact from the hit and my head on the windshield knocked me around pretty good. And I am scared to death to drive. Or even be in a moving vehicle at all. But I am alive and thats all that matters. Im taking a week off of work to recooperate and get back to myself again. Its been 3 days and every muscle in my entire body is still sore. Im taking my stitches out today. hahaha. My thumb is really infected and I cant take them any longer. My truck is totalled. But the insurance is going to cover it. Everything turned out perfectly. And I am so lucky that little Shayd is so invincible and wasnt ready to leave me yet. This week has been life changing and has really helped me appreciate life and everyone in it.
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