Thursday, March 26, 2009

week 31.... down to single digit weeks left!!!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 31:fetus in seventh month Your not-so-little-one is just a bit closer to their birth weight and height at around 4 pounds and 17 inches. With each added layer of baby fat, your baby's skin starts to look more and more like it will when they finally get to see the light of day. The heavy news: you can expect your miracle-gro muffin to gain about a half a pound of weight per week from now until about two weeks before birth. Great. That's just what you needed. Even more weight to carry around!

Your baby's still-developing immune system has gained substantial strength over the past few weeks getting them in full gear to face our disease-ridden world o’ wonders. Obviously, a large majority of your child’s immune strength will be derived from exposure to breast milk as well as the outside elements. Their cute little noggin’ (which could already be covered with luscious locks or just purty peach fuzz), is still soft because the skull bones have not yet fused together. As much as that sounds a little too vulnerable, their “skull softness” allows for a much smoother passage through the birth canal during labor—something both you and your little swimmer will appreciate when it’s finally time to “go!” Also, some babies will have that “soft spot” on their head for up to one year after birth.

And how's mom doing? Have you felt anything you suspect might be contractions already? Braxton-Hick contractions are part and parcel of the second half of pregnancy and lucky for you, become more frequent during the third trimester. Cleverly dubbed “false labor” contractions, these spasms are an obnoxious fake-out and So next time you’ve got yourself a pair of damp head-lights in the grocery store, just go ahead and purchase the nursing pads to protect your clothes, bras, and any remaining shreds of dignity you can salvage shouldn’t be confused with premature labor. The fun part of having BH contractions is that it’s not unusual for them to be painful... and by fun, we mean “why oh why, does the third trimester mean everything is uncomfortable?” Still, just a heads up: if you notice the contractions more than four times in one hour, or even more glamorous—changes in your vaginal discharge, call your healthcare practitioner right away.

As for other third-trimester niceties; your nipples may be engaging in a bit of “pre-milk” expulsion at the most untimely moments. So next time you’ve got yourself a pair of damp head-lights in the grocery store, just go ahead and purchase the nursing pads to protect your clothes, bras, and any remaining shreds of dignity you can salvage


As your magical growing baby obstinately refuses to shrink or give back any real-estate in your belly, you can sit back, "relax," and take in the heartburn and increased lower back pain. If you choose, you can always eat less with each meal, and instead opt for smaller more frequent meals, this should help the heartburn. As for your poor back, get off your feet and elevate them above your heart, double-check the names list, and how many key baby-items you’ve already got in your registry. If you’re lucky, you might just make it in less than eight weeks! Hang in there wonder-mom, we believe in you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

11 weeks left..... 77 days

WOW!! Only 11 weeks left. That seems like no time at all. Yes its still 2 and a half months. But that seems so short. And I feel more and more unprepared everyday. Hopefully he stays in till May and doesnt come too early. These past few weeks I have really LOVED being pregnant. It truly is amazing. Everyday after work I just sit in bed and play with my little guy. He is so playful. A few days ago I played music to my belly. Haha. It sounds silly I know. I bought this set from motherhood and it came with a dopler to listen to the heartbeat and little speakers to play music to or talk to your baby. It came with two classical CD's so I played some of the music to him the other day. And I think he loved it. He would move clear over to the side of my belly where the speaker was. He is very playful all the time. If I put one of my hands to my belly he moves over there and pushes on it. One of my favorite moments was when I was in the car driving with my mom. The sun was on my belly and he moved clear over there to where the sun was. I read that he opens his eyes a lot now so Im sure that he moved over there because it was so much brighter. I absolutely love how active he is. Even at night he is constantly moving and adjusting with me. I dont know when he sleeps. Because it seems like he is always kicking and pushing on me. At work when I lean up against the counter he kicks it back. My belly is very entertaining and most of my nights consist of me laying in bed playing with him. I havent felt him have the hiccups... yet. But im hoping that happens soon. That would really be entertaining.
I have come across a new name that I love. Breckan West Taylor. Im still chewing on it to see how I like it. But I really like it a lot. I do change my mind a lot though, so hopefully I will come to a decision before he gets here.
Life has been absolutely fantastic just in the past week. Things have really started to fall into place and I am not stressed out AT ALL.... I dont remember the last time I wasnt stressed to the max about financial issues or complications with a stupid boy. Its probably been since I was 15 years old. But it feels absolutely amazing. And I owe it all to my mom for all the support and help that she has given me.
I cant wait for two more months till my son gets here. It seems so silly to me to say that I have a son. Its going to take some adjusting to. I wont be the only "mommy" in the household. Life is changing fast and its taking some serious time to adjust to it. And hes not even here yet! But I love my life and the way that things are going. I couldnt be more blessed or ask for anything more.

Fetal development in pregnancy week 29:fetus in seventh month
If you’ve been feeling butterflies moving around in your belly, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill pre-birth performance anxiety. No, it’s your amazing baby with a case of the hiccups: a fairly common occurrence at this point resulting from practicing breathing for their big birthday. In addition, to getting a round of butterfly-like hiccups, your little swimmer has arduously managed to accumulate enough baby fat to account for nearly 3.5% of their overall body weight. Yeah, compared to we adults, it’s not a lot, but when they’re little like that—it’s certainly a healthy (and warming) accomplishment in its way. Another fantastic accomplishment: your baby's spleen is now in charge of hematopoiesis—the 10 dollar name for the process involved in building up certain important blood components. Another fantastic-accomplishment: your little monkey has been peeing into their amniotic sac for a little while now (this is why potty training takes a while) and if you didn’t know, actually swallows it along with the rest of the amniotic fluid. Although the concept is nasty, their urine is sterile and as part of the amniotic fluid base, is replaced several times throughout the day. So if you didn’t know before, now you can tell people, that yes, you drank your own urine—you were still in the womb, but nonetheless, you’ve been there.

And how's mom doing? Here’s another new-parenting-issue that you probably don’t have the time or energy to handle: the decision whether or not to breastfeed. If you thought this was one of the obvious ones (stick out breast, attach child, feeding commences!), think again. Right off the bat, there are women that simply cannot breastfeed for medical reasons—and have no choice in the matter but to opt for formula-feeding. Then there are the women who attempt to breast-feed and run out of milk, or the baby won’t latch on (they even have breast-feeding classes because despite the apparent animal-easiness of the behavior, some babies just don’t take to breastfeeding).
Now, if you are planning or deciding whether or not to breastfeed, here are some of the big reasons why it’s a great thing for you and your little “sucker”: breastfeeding actually releases a hormone that will help you relax (and if you don’t nurse milk production will actually cease: i.e. use it or lose it!). If you choose to breastfeed, your body will produce oxytocin—(no, not Oxycotin, Rush Limbaugh already took care of that), which actually increases uterine contractions to decrease post-birth vaginal bleeding.
And the vain reason to breastfeed: all that charming excess body fat you’ve gained is used for milk production, thus making it MUCH easier for you to return to you pre-pregnancy weight. Also, nursing mothers’ bones re-mineralize faster than those who don’t and are less likely to contract ovarian or uterine cancer before and after menopause. Not to mention the fact that breastfeeding means you’re directly bolstering your baby’s immune system. For even more reasons why your child will benefit from breastfeeding, visit

Sunday, March 1, 2009

surveyyy (: (: (:

Name: kayla


Current Age:


Weight before pregnancy:

Current Weight:

When did you find out your were pregnant?
September 2008

What was your reaction?
I was really scared. I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test. But I still took like 8 of them.

Who did you tell first about the pregnancy?
Kassie and then my mom.

Date of Conception?
August 25 ish

Due Date?
MAY 25!!!

Was the pregnancy planned?
definitely not

How did your parents react?
Like I expected them too. It was hard for them to take in.

How did your partner's parents react?
They were less than thrilled.

Did you go to the doctor yet?
Yes, a lot.

Did you have your first ultrasound?
Yes I did on December 23.

Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl?
Yes, its a boy. Hahaha

How is the baby's movement?
He moves a TON! And I love every minute of it. I
sit in bed for hours just playin with him.

How is the baby's heartbeat?
Last time the Dr. heard it, it was good. I have a
baby monitor thing I need to listen to him tonight. But hes been too small to hear it. Till now he should be big enough.

Baby's name?
Kage, Keagun, Kagun, Shayde, Braxton, Brogan, Rayne... I have a lot. And I cant decide.

Who do you think the baby will look like?
dark hair and blue eyes.

Mom to be's favorite foods?
Steak and potatoes.

Mom to be's latest cravings?
It was pickles and eggnog all thru november and

Mom to be's latest "mom" moment?
hmmm... whats a mom moment?

What was the first change you noticed in your body?
My boobs got huge fast... and then never stopped getting bigger.

What was the latest change in your body?
My belly is really gettin out there now. And my hair got really dark last week.

What is your sleep schedule?
Usually I am up till 12 at least. Unless im super super tired. Then I sleep till 10 ish. But I want to start getting up at 830 0r 900. My days seem to go better when I start earlier.

What is your work schedule?
4-10 or 1030 usually... and 4 days a week or more

What is the last thing you bought for the baby?
I havent bought anything yet. But everyone else has.

What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
Food haha does that count. Uhhm.. Some stretch mark lotion.

Planned birth place?
The hospital in St. George

Who will be in the room with you?
My mom and maybe my sister. But I havent asked Shaylee yet. For sure my mom tho.

Are you scared?
I am exremely horrified. But I have faith that everything will work out just the way that its supposed to.

Are you going to use drugs?
uhhh... an epidural, yes please

How do you think you will react?
To what? The baby? Im going to be in love. Im going to be relieved and happy when he is finally in my arms.

Have you started birthing classes?
I took the lamaze class. And it was very helpful. But thats the only one I have heard of so far. I need to look into more if there is more. But I dont know if I need to, really.

What is the nursery theme?
none yet. Black and white maybe cause thats the color of my furniture and the baby will be in my bedroom with me. But anything cowboy is a good theme

Are you going to breastfeed?

What do you miss the most?
Sleeping on my belly

What are you most looking forward to?
Having my baby in my arms. And getting my body back to non whale size

holy holy holy.....12 weeks to go!

This past week has flown by. It seems like just a week ago I was sitting here typing about week 27 and my 6 month mark. Yesterday I had my lamaze class. It was very interesting. Me and mom went and I think she learned as much as I did. It was very informative and had a lot of information to take in. The worst part was watching a video that the instructor put in and then all the sudden there was a lady giving birth. She definitely didn't warn us about it. AND THEN after I thought I had seen it all, they showed the whole placenta coming out after. And all the people in the video were looking at it and examining it. It was pretty... TRAUMATIZING. Holy holy holy holy!! It was intense. I loved the class though. It was very interesting and I always love to read or talk about baby stuff. I learned all the stages of labor and what to expect. It was amazing. Im so glad that my mom was able to come. I would have never went alone, but I definately needed to go to this class.
Work has been intense to say the least. I am having a really hard time not being affected by what people say and how people treat me. Its hard enough that I know that I am single and the father isnt around. But its even harder to deal with it when my boss feels like she has to tell everyone that walks in the door my situation. It seems to be getting harder and more miserable to work. The shifts are the same, but by the end of the night it really wears on me.
My little man has been really active. He is really doing some massive flips and turns. I LOVE feeling him move and turn around. But last week holy holy my ribs to my tail bone was bruised. I think my body is just sore all the time now. It never has a chance to feel better. Haha. My little guy is in the "frank" position. He is head down but face up. And has both of his legs clear up by his head. Thats what "frank" position is. Where both legs are straight up by his head. The instructor said that when babies are in the womb like that after they are born as soon as you take the diaper off both legs go straight up like that. Hahaha. Throughout the entire ultrasound he was moving and opening and closing his mouth. It was crazy to see him open his mouth and move so much. I feel it all the time. But to SEE it was amazing.

The Dr said that the baby looked great. The baby is measuring 2 weeks smaller than he really is. But he said that I was measuring perfect. Not too much or too little weight gain. I also was tested for sugar diabetes and that came back great. There were no problems there.
I am having such a hard time choosing a baby name!! I dont even know if I still like the 3 that I put up on the poll. I change my mind all the time. For sure I am going to have his middle name be West and the last name Taylor. But I dont know what to do about the first name. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Pregnancy is amazing and I am really learning a lot about my body. I love every minute I have to just sit down and feel my baby kick me. Tee hee. I love how he reacts to everything I eat. Especially cold things. Orange juice really makes him kick. Ice cream too and he really starts moving around. I absolutely love every time I feel him move. It is the greatest part of being pregnant.

Fetal development in pregnancy week 28:
fetus in seventh month You know how you’ve been feeling a bit like a barn with legs? Well, that feeling won’t subside before… well, you know, when you finally give birth. For the time being, you’ve got yourself a baby in the business of collecting fat and lots of it! In spite of the dubious joys of being a human-barn, this baby fat business is very serious and you’ve got to put up with it because it’s going to keep your little porker warm and healthy after birth. Other good stuff from inside: their eyes are doing lots of blinking this week because they’re now able to respond to light and dark. Also, their industrious little bone marrow is now a major construction site for developing red blood cells, while their super-cute adrenal glands are actually producing androgen and estrogen—which will stimulate your hormones to begin milk production. Can you say, “Moo?”

And how's mom doing? If you’re not already fully entrenched, it’s just about time to head into the Name Game field. If you haven’t yet landed on “the perfect name”, there are only about a trillion books (check them out at and websites with head-spinning lists of name possibilities. You can always opt to invent You can always opt to invent a name as well (like say, “Thygor”). Obviously, naming isn’t always the most straightforward or easy process and not every couple has a name for their child even after birth. Really, just take your time and try to consider any possible mean nicknames they might be inflicted with once they hit adolescence (i.e. What happens when you name your kid “Willy"?).

As if we have to tell you: their little “cute” kicks are getting stronger these days, but just pay attention. If you notice a significant drop in the number of kicks experienced per hour it would be a good idea to tell your physician or mid-wife. But before you start getting anxious, keep in mind that during the final weeks of pregnancy your in-house-football player will be kicking significantly less as they will lack the space to move about as vigorously.