Sunday, April 19, 2009


This was my moms way of blocking out the sun. She has been making burp rags for the baby for the past week. She had head phones in and was trying to get some sleep. ... about 30 min later she found that impossible with Swade in the back screamin and yellin.

Swade FINALLY fell asleep on the way home from the motocross on Saturday afternoon. This was one of the ways I came up with to prop his head up so he would STAY asleep.

This past weekend was AMAZING. We left Thursday night and went and stayed at grandpa Vance's house in Fremont. Woke up to snow and freezing cold weather. We stayed around Wayne County for the day and then headed to Castledale. Castledale is about the worst town I have ever been to. I really couldn't figure out what the point of the town was. But the rodeo was way fun and Shaylee totally kicked butt on all her events. The highlight of that day was when my dad bought a pink flower from a few little girls that were selling them at the rodeo and he still has it pinned to his hat. Ill post a picture.
Friday after the rodeo in Castledale we drove to Price. We got there about 9 and found a spot to camp. The next morning Shaylee had rodeo and Vance had motocross. Luckily the motocross was right across the street from the rodeo. So we ran back and forth so we could watch Shaylee run and still make it back to Vance's race.
Vance totally KICKED BUTT in his race. But on his first lap, someone clipped his back tire and made him crash. He was pretty upset about it. And it took him a few hours to decide that he was going to do his second race. In his 2nd race he did even better. He was getting so high on some of the jumps. Ill post some pictures of that too. He got a trophy and a Ogio wallet and he is pretty excited about his next race.
We stayed at the motocross all day. It was so much fun. The weather started to get bad and then we left. But it was so much fun. Kent, Denise and Zach are the neighbors that live next door to us. They were there and we hung out with them all day. Denise is a hoot. She had me laughing all day long. And Kent wants me to name my baby Cledus. So all day he kept askin me how Cledus was doing and if I was doing ok. Hahahaha.. The whole weekend was amazing. The rodeo really got me excited to rodeo this summer.
This weekend was so much fun. I kinda feel like I over did it though. Last night I was sick on the way home and all day today. I stayed in bed all day till about 4:00. But I'm starting to feel better. So hopefully it was just lack of sleep!
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