Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and some MORE...

This is the HUGE basket that Kristy gave me. It had everything I need from now until he's 2! Bottles, sippy cups, binkeys, and tons of clothes. Everything from newborn to 24 months... really there is more than it even looks like in the picture. There was everything he needs for a bath, everything he needs for every meal... there was bibs and spoons and forks and bowls and plates... and like I said... EVERYTHING.

This is the outfit that my mom gave me. Everytime we find anything that says mommas boy, or anything to do with mom.... we buy it. Hahaha. I have quite the collection of clothes that say he is a mommas boy. This is the outfit I will probably be bringing him home from the hospital in. I've been in the process of washing everything that he has in the dreft soap. And theres not much left to wash. I think I am officially ready for him to be here.

This is one of his many first pairs of wranglers. Theres no legs to them haha. Just enough to cover his bum. Which will be perfect for this summer. Denise and Ericka bought these so that he could dress up to fit in with the rest of my family. (:
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Ben, Danyell and Parker Mellor said...

i felt so bad i couldn't say longer! i need to plan a trip to see you! all of your stuff is so cute. i really miss you! i hope all is well and i hope to see you soon. love ya sweetie!

Blick Chik said...

Sue! i love you so much! i want to come see you! i miss you. you are so amazing! You're my hero!