Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rohhh dayyy ohhhh

I sent Swade to get me a snow cone (: He is such a great helper. Especially with Kagun. He loves to hold Kagun. And just this week I decided that Kagun could survive a fall if it was a foot off the ground. So now Swade is allowed to walk with Kagun if I am there or mom or dad to supervise. Now all he wants to do is walk with Kagun from room to room.
Shaylee kicked some serious butt in goats at this rodeo. She took first at both of these series if I remember correctly. She is getting better and better everyday. She practices everynight so it is really paying off. I have to tell her horror story about our most recent goat. She might get mad that I am posting it on here... but ohhh well (: Well we bought 2 goats 2 months ago and the first one got really sick and died. We're not exactly sure why it died. But it was sick and the shots we were giving it didnt work. So that was our first goat that died. The 2nd one died a few nights ago in the really crazy wind and rain and lightning storm. The water trough thingy that we had over its cage to give it shade blew up and over and landed on him. Since we live in 110 degree weather, we decided the sooner we could get rid of it the better. So my mom started making some phone calls to have someone come and haul it off because my dad and Vance were out at scout camp till Saturday. Shaylee didnt know that my mom was calling people to come and take care of it. So Shaylee goes out in the hundred degree weather and buries it. But the worst part is that our new neighbors sat and watched her drag the goat by the horns all the way across our arena to bury it. Ok... so the WORST part was that of all the places in our huge arena she started diggin in the exact spot that my dad buried the other goat. So she came across him in the process of burying this one. And the neighbors sat and watched the whole thing. Shay is tough tho. All that she had happen from it was a few blisters. She is the best sister and my best friend.

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ohhh sad day ):

Its not very often that Kagun cries. But like I said earlier when he cries he really cries!! He has his little fits and he really gets into them. He has been so upset that he will hyperventilate for an hour after the scene. I have to admit that he is really spoiled. I spend most of my day holding him. So when he is handed off to someone else he has to be in a good mood or he wont let them hold him. I have taught myself to not sit in my room all day everyday and hold him. Grandma and Grandpa need a chance too!!
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My happy baby

Kagun has been the perfect baby. He is so happy all the time, There are few times that he actually cries. But when he cries... HE CRIES. He has become quite the little "mommas boy" but I wouldnt have it any other way.
He loves to snuggle. He will snuggle anyone and everyone who will give him a binkey or a bottle. He spends a lot of his time being passed around while he sleeping.
This is his changing table. He spends 45 minutes laying here every morning. Mornings are his "happy time" and he will just sit there and kick and coo and slobber all over himself. This is also his "pooping time". Every morning like clock work I lay him on his changing table and he poops away. He is a LOUD pooper. He grunts and turns red red red.
Kagun has already spent many hours beside a pool in the sun. He has a little swim suit, a swim shirt, and of course some stunna shades.
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grandpa kelly (:

This was one of Kaguns first visitors in the hospital. Kagun was really happy to meet his new great grandpa Kelly.
.........Till he put the cowboy hat on.
.........So the hat went back off (:
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How to:

This is how we show that we are excited at my house. I have seen it from everyone including my own father. So I made it a personal goal to throw my hands in the air and laugh and smile when I get excited. (:

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