Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MORE baby stuff!!

This is the car seat that I wanted sooooo bad. Grandma Trena, Grandma Wood and Aunt Sandy all went in on a gift and this is what they got me. I've got it all put together now and ready to go so that when he decides to come all we have to do is grab this and the diaper bag I packed and head to the hospital.

This is the crib that was given to me by my moms friend Vickie. She gave me soooo much baby stuff!! There was a crib, a changing table, a rocking chair, and a high chair. I am so lucky that she gave all of this to me. Cribs are $200 and I wouldnt have bought one for him because they are sooo expensive. I keep telling my mom that he is going to be sleeping in my bed everynight anyways but she says that he's going to grunt and make noises all night and Im going to want him on the other end of my room. I still think she's wrong.... maybe (:
This is the changing table that Vickie gave me. Its all loaded up with all of the stuff that I got from the baby shower. The two boxes on the right have 704 wipes in each box. Then you can see all the wipes that are lined up on the bottom shelf. I have TONS of wipes. I guess that just says how messy babies are. Then to the right is my amazing diaper genie that I bought with the money that Shad and Kelly gave me. I love it already. Its pretty nifty. And all of that isnt even half of the stuff that I got from the baby shower!

This is a little onesie that Aunt Kristy gave me. It's so cute! She gave me another one that says "Small dark and handsome". Holy holy holy.... she gave me a HUGE basket of baby stuff. Ill post a picture.... (:
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