Sunday, April 19, 2009

me n swade...

Swade is definitely the highlight of my life right now. He always has something funny to say. And he is always asking me questions about the baby. I went to the dentist last week and he asked me if the dentist took my baby out. He cannot wait for the baby to get here. One day the baby had the hiccups so I had Swade put his hand on my belly and feel the hiccups. He sat there for 20 minutes and laughed hysterically everytime my belly would "jump". My favorite most recent time with Swade is when he asked me to unbuckle his seat belt and get him out of his car seat so he could "scratch his butt". Thats exactly what he told me. So sure enough I let him unbuckle so that he could scratch and get back to his movie.

Swade has been as photogenic as I am. He is always willing to take a picture and loves to see what he looks like in the picture afterwards. In this picture we were supposed to be flexing our muscles. And at the last minute he said his muscles were too big for the picture.

My favorite times with Swade are when he's tired and in a cuddly mood. On the way home from our weekend at the motocross and rodeo he spent most of the trip cuddled up next to me. So I took advantage of it and held his hand most of the way. It was getting so hot for me tho that I finally had to prop him up and just let him sleep away from me.
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