Monday, February 9, 2009

Heres a few new pictures. Ill have to post some more when I get more creative with pregnancy picture ideas. If you have seen any cute ideas email me and let me know. I have been looking around a lot. And EMBER!!! I still want you to come out and take some professional looking pictures when I am like 8 or 9 months pregnant. So start looking for your flight tickets. And if you REALLY can come out let me know and we can try to plan the shower around then. Im really starting to get big! And my belly button is starting to be an outty~!

My whole body is changing a lot. Its hard to get used to. And I can no longer sleep on my belly. I havent for a long time. But sometimes I would wake up on my belly. Now if I lay down on my belly I look really awkward and high centered. Sometimes I just have to stretch out a little though and my belly is the only place that is comfy. Pretty soon Im going to cut a hole in my matress....

5 month baby bump
new hair do
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Em said...

Hi Sue!

Let me tell you that you look great! I was just at the gym with my friend due the end of April and she looks HUGE compared to you. (and she has always worked out!)
I would LOVE to take pictures of you...the problem is you are in the wrong state! How about you come visit ME!!! I would love to have you and your mom.
I liked all the baby names. Good choices. I have a few webites of Pregnant bellies I love to look at- So I have some fun idea's. Maybe you and Hanah should pitch in and buy a jet so I can come out! :)
Love ya!