Saturday, February 21, 2009

6 months!!

I am finally to the 6 month mark. I am officially really feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy. The more I read about being pregnant the more I feel like I am pregnant. My belly is all of the sudden HUGE. I no longer can sleep on my stomach. I havent been able to for a while. But sometimes I would wake up on my stomach in the middle of the night. I definnately cant do that anymore. I rarely make it asleep for an hour without having to wake up to pee or to switch up my sleeping positions. My emotions have been out of control. I should be an actress because I really can cry on command. Not just a few tears. I can really bawl for an hour if I want to. Life has really been hard for me lately. I have been through a lot these past few months and I still feel like I am struggling to come out of it. I feel like I have been walked all over by the people who I once thought were friends. I am struggling just to make ends meet and make it through the day. I have been walking a lot and trying to stay in shape. And work is really starting to take an affect on my body. Everything is taking affect on my body. I can no longer bend and move and pick things up the way that I used to. As horrible as I have made pregnancy sound, IT IS AMAZING. The little guy inside has really had an affect on my life. I love him more and more every single day. And this little dude will be more of a man for me to handle once he gets here. Dating has offically become awkward. I havent gone on a date simply for the fact that I look pregnant now and its awkard for ME to be sitting there with a stranger. As for things with the most recent ex, I think most of you know what has happened. And that was just the cherry topping to my horrible month. I think I took it so hard because I am pregnant and my horomones are not in tact. But I have really had a lot of time to think. Especially the 3 hour drive to wayne county today. Life is really starting to catch up with me. And I feel extremely overwhelmed and unprepared. The baby could be here any day. And with the problems and the "high risk pregnancy" my dr labeled me with he really could come ANY DAY. Lucky for me I have the most AMAZING family and I know that everything would work out perfectly no matter what happens. I cant wait for my little man to be here, everyday I wonder what he will look like and what life will be like once he comes here. I am still trying to move to wayne county. But with everything that has been going on with the pregnancy, it would be nice to stay here until the baby is born and safe in my arms. And close to a hospital in case something does happen.
In spite of all the down sides of pregnancy it is all worth it for the day that my son will be here. I am so excited to be a mother and experience all the joys and ups and downs up being a mother. Next time.... Ill just make sure I have a husband to help me through all of it. Its way too hard to go through it alone again.

Fetal development in pregnancy week 27:fetus in seventh month Your not-so-tiny-anymore brilliant baby(about 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long!) is slowly rotating in preparation to “head out.” Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but when you start to feel an unfamiliar pressure on your cervix, you’ll know you’ve got a fully flipped baby locked and loaded for the countdown to their birthday! Even now, at the beginning of the third trimester, their little lungs are already capable of breathing air while the pulmonary vascular system can provide sufficient gas exchange and the central nervous system can generally regulate rhythmic breathing as well as their basal body temperature. For what it’s worth, at this point in a healthy pregnancy a premature child (with intensive care) could easily win on the show: “Survivor: The Early Years.”
And how's mom doing?
You’ve worked hard, done your research, endured a plethora of joyless symptoms and would like nothing more than to have wonder-baby on the outside. Well, dig in for the final endurance round and say hello again to the familiar but not-so-lovable faces of fatigue and nausea. You guessed it, the dratted the third trimester is really a time to kick your baby-on-the-outside preparations into high gear: baby-proof the home or apartment, buy a car-seat, get a stroller, dress up the nursery and plan a space for diapering, keep mulling over possible names, and try to enjoy this time… hormone factory is once again running at full-tilt (and causing rapid hair growth), sigh…. Your (“yaaaawn”) fatigue stems from several factors, including the proverbial weight gain, shortness of breath and of course, sleep deprivation. (See week 29 for tips on how to alleviate fatigue!).
Yes, ladies, you’ve finally reached the infamous “live-on-the-toilet” stage. Your feet are bigger, your breasts are bigger, your belly is bigger, even your baby is bigger—and something’s gotta give. Annoyingly, nature didn’t choose your butt and instead opted to compress your bladder, which is now being completely squashed by your-super-sized-baby... all day long. So your best shot is to just accept the fact you’re going to need to urinate every 10 minutes (and if you manage to go longer, thank the good lord).
Of course breast tenderness is also very common at this phase as milk production is kicking in. Other thrilling third-trimester symptoms include more swelling (known as edema) and feeling like you live in a sweat factory as a result of increased basal body temperature. Thank your baby: this temperature increase stems from their body heat coupling with your own, which of course all adds up to one hot mama!
Just in case you don’t have enough things to stress out about: we’d like to remind you the third trimester is really a time to kick your baby-on-the-outside preparations into high gear: baby-proof the home or apartment, buy a car-seat, get a stroller, dress up the nursery and plan a space for diapering, keep mulling over possible names, and try to enjoy this time… when you’re not nauseous, constipated, running to the toilet, or just plain wiped out. (And don’t forget to get your sleep, be active, and eat well! Phewee! we're tired just thinking about what you're going through!)

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Em said...

Hi Sue! Hang in there. Soon enough you will be holding the most amazing child. Keep looking in the right places and you'll find the perfect daddy too!

Love you,