Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ahhh this was just about the scariest night of my life. It happened on Tuesday Jan 13 around midnight. I was on my way home from Brennan's house in Cedar. I was on the free way going about 70-75 mph and there was a mini van pulling a camp trailer in front of me. They had no tail lights or hazards on and were going 35 mph. I didnt see them until it was too late. I swerved hard to the left but I was already too close. My truck spun and stopped with me facing on coming traffic. Both air bags deployed and I wasnt sure what the heck happened. There was blood all over my hand and in my mouth but it was just from a small cut on my thumb. I left the hospital with 3 stitches and that was the worst of it. I called Brennan as soon as my truck stopped spinning and I'm still not sure what our conversation was about but I told him that I had crashed and I was on I-15. He was there in about 2 min. The ambulance came along with a few 2 or 3 firetrucks and a bunch of cops. The van that I had hit knocked over two concrete barriers was in the middle of the freeway. There were no injuries to anyone in that car but there was a lady who came to the hospital to get checked to make sure everything was ok with her. In the ride over in the ambulance she told the EMT she and her husband were going 35 mph. The EMT informed her the min speed limit for the freeway is 45 and she quickly changed her answer. Ha. I dont really remember a whole lot from the night. Brennan says I have brain damage. But the baby is doing fine. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, but maybe that is why he made it through the accident. I was in shock at the scene of the accident and all I remember was screaming and crying about the baby being ok. But I spent the night at the hospital hooked up to a monitor and listened to his 142 beat per min heartbeat all night long. Brennan and Jeffy didnt leave my side the entire night. Brennan even had Jeffy and Phil come in and give me a blessing right after the accident. I go to the Dr on Tuesday and they are going to do an ultrasound to make sure that he looks ok. Over all I am lucky to be alive and still have little Shayd kickin inside. The impact from the hit and my head on the windshield knocked me around pretty good. And I am scared to death to drive. Or even be in a moving vehicle at all. But I am alive and thats all that matters. Im taking a week off of work to recooperate and get back to myself again. Its been 3 days and every muscle in my entire body is still sore. Im taking my stitches out today. hahaha. My thumb is really infected and I cant take them any longer. My truck is totalled. But the insurance is going to cover it. Everything turned out perfectly. And I am so lucky that little Shayd is so invincible and wasnt ready to leave me yet. This week has been life changing and has really helped me appreciate life and everyone in it.
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Blick Chik said...

Oh sue i love you so much i'm so glad you're safe and not seriously hurt. You are amazing.

kristy said...

I love You I Love you I love You!!!! I'm so glad we had the time together! Just remember... Its you and the Baby. you are forever thing. No matter what guys comes and goes you have the little man. Believe in Yourself and count on your family. We got your Back !!! and your cute Belly!

Love ya