Thursday, December 25, 2008

My baby boy!

Here are the first pictures of the baby! The dr. had no doubt in his mind that it was a boy. His little "thing" was right out there pokin out for us to see. He wanted me to know he was a boy! Throughout the entire ultrasound he was moving around so it was very easy for me to see him. He was constantly moving his hands and fingers. Sucking on his thumb a lot and waving. The dr. said everything looked great. He moved my due date to MAY 25. 2009. I am a week behind what we thought I was. But the baby is healthy and growing just like he should be. I have thought of a few names. I really like Kagun West or Keagun West. But I am still looking for other names too. The nurses said the way I was squealing and laughing in the room they thought I was having twins. Because I had the same reaction as patients who have twins haha.. No twins! I was just super excited!! Ill post some belly pictures soon. Its really starting to poke out. But I've been saying that for a month! To me it feels huge! So here is the update on week 18!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 18:fetus in fifth month We have two more ounces! Your "getting bigger-n-better by the minute baby" is already up to 7 ounces and 6 inches! This is a big week for their baby skin. There are now two distinct layers—the epidermis (or the surface skin) and dermis. Currently, their skin is covered with a greasy, waxy, cheese-like substance, known as vernix caseosa. Sure, it sounds pretty nasty, but this mixture of fatty secretions covering your little swimmer from head to toe is the best way to protect their oh-so-thin skin from bruising and abrasions as well as chapping caused by amniotic fluid exposure (and your little one is swimming in that stuff!). Still don’t like the fact your little darling is currently slathered in fatty cream like a greased pig? Well, you know the birthing process? Where you have to push something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a grape? That adorable little greased piglet would have a lot harder time getting through the birth canal without the vernix caseosa. Fun fact for momma’s with baby girls: it’s a uterus within a uterus! Your little girl will have developed a uterus and vagina canal by the end of this week.

And how's mom doing? POP! If you haven’t yet, you will soon be seeing the last of your inn-y belly button—until after you’ve pushed your little monkey out. If it’s getting difficult to breathe, you can thank your not-so-small belly for squishing your lungs—which will be more and more cramped for space as the pregnancy progresses. Not that this is surprising as everything else in your mid-section is getting properly squooshed as well. (What else is new?!!). Keep in mind that as you grow (and grow and grow) in size you produce more blood (for both of you), which lowers your blood pressure. So standing up quickly and/or occasional fast movements may cause slight dizziness or lightheadedness. This is totally normal, but means you shouldn’t be too quick to jump to your feet when your team scores a goal. It's better to just punch the air in excitement or clap gleefully. One more fun pregnancy symptom to add to the list: you are producing more melanin, which can cause dark patches of skin to occur on random parts of your body. Don’t worry—these dark spots (unlike your parent’s age spots) will retreat soon after birth.
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kristy said...

Hi Sweety You r Baby Boy is so handsome!!! Im so Excited for you.
I just heard the name Cannon i like or Bridge i like that too but anyway...I love you miss you..

Aunt Sissy