Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lesson Learned

So today I wanted to bake. I have been in the mood to cook all day. So I started about 3 things at the same time knowing that I was going to run out of energy half way through the first one. SO I fugured that if I started making deer meat enchiladas, tapioca, and brownies at the same time.... I would get them all done and then be tired. But in that process I didnt read the directions on the tapioca pudding all the way through before I started making it. SOOO... I poured two boxes of tapioca together and added the sugar. THEN I read that your only supposed to use 3 TABLESPOONS of tapioca. And there were 8 oz of tapioca in each box. 8 oz of tapioca x 2 boxes of that = a crap load of tapioca. So I googled a few measurements and figured that for everything to even out I needed to times the recipe by 10. So this picture is my massive amount of tapioca pudding that I made. And of course.... as it was cooking it got thicker and bigger and eventually started overflowing. So I skipped the brownies, finished the enchiladas and now I have enchiladas and a TON of tapioca pudding for mothers day dinner. YAY (: As much as I love tapioca, I am already sick from eating it so much. My thought behind all of this was that I was going to clean the house spick and span and have dinner and dessert cooked for my mom for mothers day. Well... most of that got done before I ran out of energy and my feet swelled up like balloons. So... hopefully its the thought that counts. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM... here's 3 gallons of tapioca. (:
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Ember said...

That was too funny. Always read the directions!!!!
Sounds yummy.

Post those pictures!

Artsy Fartsy Mom said...

I loved it Sue! Thank you SOOOOO much. I just hope you don't expect me to eat it all.

kristy said...

That is so sweet and so funny!!!! haha i bet your mom loves it anyway!!! I love you . Happy Mothers day.