Monday, November 17, 2008

another 60 hour work week and im in week 13!!

So this week has been a long one! I have been so sleepy and exhausted. Work is killing me. Im going to invest in some gel inserts. And thanks to Ember and April I'll be getting a maternity massage this week! I CANT WAIT!! Ill probably go tomorrow if they can get me in on such short notice. I definitely need some ME time. Work is killing me and the drama never ends. Its constantly a negative place. But I need the job and I am soooo grateful for the hours!! There are hardly any jobs in town, and I have a decent paying one with great hours! So ill stop complaining now. My belly is getting huge. I feel so fat!! Its getting harder and harder to hide. The only thing that I hate is how alone I am. Its so easy to get depressed and down. My horomones are crazy but I just hate being alone. Well thats all for this week. I have some great blog ideas. So ill be posting more soon!
Fetal development in pregnancy week 13:
fetus in third month This is your final week in the first trimester and your little weed continues to grow and grow and grow. Of the three trimesters, this one has been the most important for your little one’s development. Assuming you’ve carefully adopted a healthy diet, continue to exercise and get ample rest, your little one is set up perfectly for even more growth and development in tri-two! Way to go! He or she now weighs about 2.5 ounces and is roughly 3.5 inches in length. Little hairs, known as lanugo, will start to cover their body this week, as their sense of taste and smell are further refined. Their cozy little amniotic sac is also increasing in size and mass as it continues to fill with more fluid.
And how's mom doing?
Congratulations on a successful first trimester! A lot has happened (and there’s a lot more to come). You should be proud of your hard work and sacrifice. Giving up lattes, soda, and wine is not easy. Even if you snuck in a few of these goodies over the past 13 weeks, don’t dwell on it—there’s a lot The good news is some fashion designers are realizing that being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp, sexy, sporty, or whatever your particular style might be to look forward to! Besides, now is the perfect time to rededicate yourself if you have had a few lapses. Remember, every day and decision is an opportunity to improve your eating and exercise habits—your baby and your body will thank you in the long run.

If you’re the planning type, you can celebrate the beginning of your next trimester by purchasing some choice maternity clothing to fit your elegantly evolving new shape. The good news is some fashion designers are realizing that being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp, sexy, sporty, or whatever your particular style might be. Cruise the online stores for a preview of the range of fashion out there for pregnant women—even if the local shops are still stuck in the nineties, you can always hit up some chi-chi online store based out of NYC! If you’d rather wait a few more weeks (until you really start to show) before making any purchases, then get ready to dig out your sweat pants, over-sized t-shirts, and any other comfy loose fitting clothes you’ve got at your disposal. At the very least, just unbutton that top button on those pants that still “almost fit”. Come on, you’re pregnant! This is definitely not the time to suffer for fashion.

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Em said...

Hey Sue!

You can imagine my disappointment when I opened my mail box and found the birthday card I sent to you weeks ago, returned!! I guess that's what I get for addressing it to "Miss Sue Bear" to a retirement community address! Next time I'll write Grandma Kayla, I'm sure it will get there.
Too bad for had $30 inside....lucky ME! haha

Did you hear I am coming to visit? I can't wait to see you and your preggo belly! Which, I'm sure you are over exaggerating about.
I fly in on the 4th. It's just me!!!!
I guess I'll hand deliver your card. I'm glad you could use our gift....but sorry you need to use it under stressed circumstances.

Hang in there, I'll give you a foot rub when I get there.

Love you!