Tuesday, September 8, 2009

kissing hands

Me and Kagun spend lots of time cuddling. This is at the hotel that I work at out in Torrey. Susan lets me bring Kagun so I can work and take him with me. I LOVE this job. I wish that the hotel was open all year round so that I could have this job forever. I clean rooms in the morning and then watch the front desk at night. The only issue that I have had is that the hotel is about 20 minutes from my house. And I am always off after dark. And there are lots of deer! A few weeks ago I was driving home in the flat bed truck of Brennans and I almost hit one! I swerved into the other lane and missed the buck. . So when I swerved to miss the deer my arms went straight to his carseat. I dont have to drive this truck anymore. Haha. I was really shaken up and cried most of the way home. . It was a scary drive. But luckily wont ever happen again!!
This day I held Kagun for over 2 hours while he slept. I love to hold him while he sleeps. He is so perfect and innocent. I really am scared for him. The world was scary for ME growing up. And it is only getting worse. I know that the only way to keep him happy and healthy and live a good life is to raise him in the church. Right now we live in Loa, Utah and the church has been very welcoming and great to us both. The only thing that I dont like about it is how far away I am from my family. I really have missed my family. Especially my mom. She is my best friend and I feel lost without her. Hopefully they can get up here soon!
This is what we call "Kissing Hands". I kiss his hands so that he can hold my kisses for later. While he sleeps he reaches up to my face and grabs onto my lips. And when I am feeding him he reaches up and touches my face and lips. I love our "mommy and me" time. My mom was the one who introduced kissing hands to me. She does it to Swade a lot and I stole it from them. Now Swade gives Kagun kissing hands when he sees Kagun (:
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