Thursday, August 6, 2009

My happy baby

Kagun has been the perfect baby. He is so happy all the time, There are few times that he actually cries. But when he cries... HE CRIES. He has become quite the little "mommas boy" but I wouldnt have it any other way.
He loves to snuggle. He will snuggle anyone and everyone who will give him a binkey or a bottle. He spends a lot of his time being passed around while he sleeping.
This is his changing table. He spends 45 minutes laying here every morning. Mornings are his "happy time" and he will just sit there and kick and coo and slobber all over himself. This is also his "pooping time". Every morning like clock work I lay him on his changing table and he poops away. He is a LOUD pooper. He grunts and turns red red red.
Kagun has already spent many hours beside a pool in the sun. He has a little swim suit, a swim shirt, and of course some stunna shades.
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