Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kagun's #1 fans

Vance and Swade are Kagun's new best friends. The first week he was home they couldn't get enough of him. They both think its so cool to give him a mohawk. Swade loves to have Kagun hold his finger. He thinks that is so cool when he grabs onto his finger. Swade is an amazing helper with Kagun. If I need anything for Kagun, Swade is the first one to get it for him. He also is the first one to run to Kagun and comfort him when he cries. He loves to hold Kagun and watch tv. Vance's favorite time with Kagun is when Kagun is sleeping and all cuddly and calm. They both have grown very close to Kagun. And the both love the fact that they are uncles. They tell everyone about Kagun and replay everytime he has peed, pooped and thrown up on me. They think thats pretty funny. (:

Mom and dad fight over Kagun all the time. My mom has been so much help. I wouldnt have made it through the first week home without the help from my mom. She has stepped in and really helped me with everything. She has taught me all sorts of little tricks and things to do with Kagun. She has been great support with breast feeding. I was ready to give up and she kept me going. My dad has been absolutely amazing. Kagun was sick the first week. He lost a lot of weight and just didnt look healthy. I cried for 3 days and just held him. My dad came home and gave Kagun a blessing. In 4 days he had gained 2 lbs and was happier and healthier than before. I know with all my heart that the blessing was the reason behind his quick recovery. He also had a little bit of Jaundice and after the blessing it was completely gone. The blessing was amazing. And it was as much for me as it was for Kagun. I was waiting for my milk to come in and Kagun was starving. And it broke my heart. But once my dad gave Kagun the blessing everything fell into place. I am so grateful for my dad and having the priesthood in the household. I told my dad he is my temporary husband. He carries my carseat and diaper bag for me when we go places. And he is always right there at my door to help me with Kagun when I get out of the car or need anything. I love you dad.

The first two days with Kagun were amazing. I was so happy. I have never been so happy in my entire life. He slept like this on my chest the entire time I was in the hospital. The nurses only took him one time to the nursery to give me a few hours to sleep. I asked them to bring Kagun back when he needed to eat so that they didnt have to give him a bottle. But they decided that they didnt want to wake me and that I needed the sleep. So they gave him a bottle. That was the only time I let them take him to sleep in the nursery. (: And still to this day he LOVES to sleep on my chest like this. Somedays its the only place he will sleep. But I wouldnt change that at all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cuddle time with him.

So while I was pregnant Shaylee was totally grossed out about me being pregnant. She wouldnt even touch my belly to feel him kick because she was really grossed out and said it was nasty. And at the beginning of my pregnancy I had asked her to come into the delivery room. Then as I got farther along I changed my mind. Probably something to do with being an emotional wreck for 9 months. But when the day came I decided I wanted her in there. I didnt even have to ask. She came in and didnt leave. Hopefully she got as much of a spiritual experience out of it as I did. Now she loves to hold Kagun. She spends lots of time holding him for me.

Kagun is hardly ever set down. Someone is always around to hold him and cuddle him. He is becoming very spoiled and on days like today, wont let anyone put him down.
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Nate and Karen said...

Little Kagun is so cute! It was fun talking to you through Alec last night. Can't wait to meet you!

Artsy Fartsy Mom said...

Thanks Sue! I love having you and Kagun living at home. I really like being able to see you every day. I am so truly grateful to have you as my daughter. You are Amazing!

Artsy Fartsy Mom said...

Thanks Sue! I love having you and Kagun living at home. I really like being able to see you every day. I am so truly grateful to have you as my daughter. You are Amazing!