Sunday, March 1, 2009

surveyyy (: (: (:

Name: kayla


Current Age:


Weight before pregnancy:

Current Weight:

When did you find out your were pregnant?
September 2008

What was your reaction?
I was really scared. I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test. But I still took like 8 of them.

Who did you tell first about the pregnancy?
Kassie and then my mom.

Date of Conception?
August 25 ish

Due Date?
MAY 25!!!

Was the pregnancy planned?
definitely not

How did your parents react?
Like I expected them too. It was hard for them to take in.

How did your partner's parents react?
They were less than thrilled.

Did you go to the doctor yet?
Yes, a lot.

Did you have your first ultrasound?
Yes I did on December 23.

Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl?
Yes, its a boy. Hahaha

How is the baby's movement?
He moves a TON! And I love every minute of it. I
sit in bed for hours just playin with him.

How is the baby's heartbeat?
Last time the Dr. heard it, it was good. I have a
baby monitor thing I need to listen to him tonight. But hes been too small to hear it. Till now he should be big enough.

Baby's name?
Kage, Keagun, Kagun, Shayde, Braxton, Brogan, Rayne... I have a lot. And I cant decide.

Who do you think the baby will look like?
dark hair and blue eyes.

Mom to be's favorite foods?
Steak and potatoes.

Mom to be's latest cravings?
It was pickles and eggnog all thru november and

Mom to be's latest "mom" moment?
hmmm... whats a mom moment?

What was the first change you noticed in your body?
My boobs got huge fast... and then never stopped getting bigger.

What was the latest change in your body?
My belly is really gettin out there now. And my hair got really dark last week.

What is your sleep schedule?
Usually I am up till 12 at least. Unless im super super tired. Then I sleep till 10 ish. But I want to start getting up at 830 0r 900. My days seem to go better when I start earlier.

What is your work schedule?
4-10 or 1030 usually... and 4 days a week or more

What is the last thing you bought for the baby?
I havent bought anything yet. But everyone else has.

What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
Food haha does that count. Uhhm.. Some stretch mark lotion.

Planned birth place?
The hospital in St. George

Who will be in the room with you?
My mom and maybe my sister. But I havent asked Shaylee yet. For sure my mom tho.

Are you scared?
I am exremely horrified. But I have faith that everything will work out just the way that its supposed to.

Are you going to use drugs?
uhhh... an epidural, yes please

How do you think you will react?
To what? The baby? Im going to be in love. Im going to be relieved and happy when he is finally in my arms.

Have you started birthing classes?
I took the lamaze class. And it was very helpful. But thats the only one I have heard of so far. I need to look into more if there is more. But I dont know if I need to, really.

What is the nursery theme?
none yet. Black and white maybe cause thats the color of my furniture and the baby will be in my bedroom with me. But anything cowboy is a good theme

Are you going to breastfeed?

What do you miss the most?
Sleeping on my belly

What are you most looking forward to?
Having my baby in my arms. And getting my body back to non whale size

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